Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Only Love

This post is a few months late (roughly 3!) but good music never dates ;) Ben Howard is an artist I've been listening to since his album was released in 2011. Every Kingdom is the perfect chill out album. It fits perfectly with the Summer weather, and on more dreary dull days, its certainly a cheer up record.

I went to see the man himself in November with a friend of mine in The Olympia Theatre in Dublin and he was out of this world. His shy nature was evident yet he still had a very prominent stage presence. For me the highlight of the show was when the tracks of the Burgh Island EP were performed.......they were simply perfection!!

He has the most beautiful tone to his voice, and I think the simplicity of a man and his guitar just works.

Of course I got sucked in by the mercandise and MAY have parted with a bit of cash! At least now when I have a cup of tea I think of the lovely Ben Howard!

 Definitely up there with one of the best gigs I've ever attended....... just pipped to the post by another artist who I'll shortly do a post on.

Anyone else a major Ben Howard fan? Or seen him live?


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