Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Not Fitting The Mold

Ok, first things first, my hope to start blogging was a massive fail. I haven't blogged in over a year..... how time flew! Its something I would love to do more of,but maybe not the easiest thing to start.

What I really wanted to come on here and write about is the whole concept of "not fitting the mold". Its something that the majority of us try to do, even when we say we're individual and unique. Most of us still strive to fit it. Its something that I most certainly did, but I've been forced to have a rethink.

Last time I wrote a blog post I was in college in Dublin. For years I only wanted to go to Dublin (aside from London which would mean I would have full fees.I thought that might be greedy choice when Dublin would cost significantly less). I saw Dublin as a way from breaking free from the whole small town stigma, and just being able to be myself.

Lovely Dublin

When I did finally get to Dublin however, I found myself trying to fit in more than ever, something I had been sure I wouldn't have to do anymore. I tried and failed. I never settled in, I was so rediculously unhappy and hit such a low point in my life. I tried to stick it out, I was there for a year and a few months, but I couldnt master the art of trying to fit in with all these people who just weren't my kind of people.

It is a very 'Irish' view, that you finish school, go to college, get a degree and get a ''good job''. It is almost frowned upon by many people, to not attend college or to leave. I left and I couldn't be more happy that I did so.

                                                                            The Last time I was in UCD

I hope to start somewhere new in September, in a completely different course (which I haven't a clue of yet!... eeeek!!). In the meantime I have been very lucky to have been working since November when I left Dublin. Although I do want a degree and I hope I choose the right path this time and I end up with one, its funny how I'm far happier in a 9-6 job than I was in the course that was 'perfect for me', 'the perfect college for me'.

                                        Right now I'm happy here, getting copious amounts of cuddles 

There is such social pressure to finish your degree and get it over with. I decided that my course was never a route I wanted to pursue in life, why waste 4 years kidding myself? There is no point being unhappy when you have a choice. Why waste my 18-22 years? they should be some of the best, but they can't be if your trapping yourself in an unhappy situation. Fitting the mold won't buy you happiness. Do what makes you happy, everyone will find their way in life, even if it means not getting a degree and perhaps working your way up the retail ladder. Just because society may hold a Doctor at higher esteem, that doesn't mean you have to be a doctor if you'd rather be a retail assistant, even if you have the capability to be in the medical sector.

Just be happy.

             There have even been scenes like this since I left Dublin ha! (I'm not from a farming family, this isn't my farm!)


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