Sunday, 17 February 2013

Present Wrapping

Present wrapping is something I LOVE for some strange reason. I'd happily spend €5 on wrapping paper and bits and bobs. Although, it's heartbreaking when you see someone ripping your lovely wrapping off in excitement!

 At Christmas time there's such a wide selection of wrapping paper available, that choice is unlimited. However, when it comes to birthdays and other occasions I find that a lot of paper is tacky. I like to try make a present more personal!

 I recently had a gift (Game of Thrones book ;) )for someone who lives in London and I saw an old map of the underground (which could also double as a poster!) and I thought it was perfect! I bought it in a shop in my hometown but I searched the web and it is also for sale here. It is on the pricier side (I paid €3.15), but I think its nice to present something unique! As far as I can gather, the paper I used was a 'Cavallini' product, and more of their designs can be purchased here


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